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    April 2015 Newsletter


    Girls' Kickball Team

     Spring Update:

    Greetings in Jesus' name!  Here are several updates from Liberia for the month of April:

    ~Children at both mission homes are doing well.  Students have finished their school quarter and taken their exams.  A group of students from Daniel Hoover attended the REAP conference and a youth camp called “Lifeline,” and were given opportunities to learn and grow in leadership skills.

    ~Queen Sieh, our sponsorship coordinator on the Liberian side, communicated that life in Liberia has changed since the ebola outbreak in some practical ways. As you enter many places now, temperatures are taken and hands must be washed. These precautionary measures are attributing to the wonderful fact that Liberia has gone twenty six days (and counting…) with no new cases of the virus. As neighboring countries continue to eliminate new cases as well, there is great hope that it has been contained.

    Barwain ZayZay

    ~There is some sad news to pass on this month. Barwain Zayzay, known to many of us as “Zayzay,” passed away quite suddenly on the morning of April 6th, after not feeling well the evening before.   

    Zayzay was a huge blessing to the ministry of ACFI as he headed up the agricultural initiatives (as a staff Agriculturalist for LSRI, Liberia Self-Reliance Initiative, Inc.) that have begun to be such a blessing to the kids at the mission schools. He served three Christian schools and taught the staff and children how to properly care for and harvest Moringa, other vegetation, and honey production. He began fish pond development programs in several communities and taught subsistence farming in the desire to help Liberians lead successful lives and be able to grow food for themselves.

    Our past teams enjoyed partnering with such a hard-working, friendly, and kind-hearted man who was deeply passionate about starting and teaching initiatives to his fellow Liberians, especially to children in need, that would benefit their lives long-term. Due in large part to the gardens that Zayzay helped the children start at the mission homes, the average weight gain for children in the last two years was 10-15 pounds! We are so thankful for his life, his heart to serve and teach, and the impact he had on the health and well-being of the children. Though he is rejoicing with the Lord, he will be missed by those who knew him.

    "Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his faithful servants." Psalm 116:15

    With JOY,
    Corrie Luebke

    [Posted: 04/20/2015]

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