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    Sept/Oct Newsletter


    "Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction."  2 Timothy 4:2

    As fall approaches, I am reminded of how much I will miss the warmth of the summer sun, but also of how much I enjoy crisp fall days.  Seasons are wonderful, aren't they?  Yet in every season, we are to be prepared as believers in Christ to stand for Him and to be an effective part of his church. That exhortation never changes, never lessens, never fails to bring good fruit in our lives!

    With the change in the weather come changes in our schedules as we see kids off to school and begin to look ahead to the things that are to come in the months ahead.  Seasons may not change drastically in Liberia, as the temperature stays much the same throughout the year, but just like here, school begins at the mission homes during this time of year as well. The official start date was September 7th, though it is anticipated that it will not be in full swing until the 15th, as it takes a bit of time to establish a new routine and go through the registration process for all the children at the start of a new year.

    Praise the Lord that Ebola did not halt life again for the people of the country! The few cases that emerged in the past two months were quarantined swiftly and have proven to be manageable for health care workers. Ed Kofi, head of ACFI, reports that people are feeling safe again now that the virus seems to be gone. We want to let you know that the “Ebola Special Gift” funds that some of you donated in case food and medical supplies again ran scarce will be used instead for some much-needed repairs to the school and to replace some bunkbeds that were no longer safe or salvageable. 

    On that note, we thank the Lord that a friend of ACFI from the states recently spent a month in Liberia at the ACFI guest house, and was able to see a need and to meet that need. She personally purchased new mattresses and bunk beds for every student at the Oscar and Viola School for the Deaf, along with some mosquito netting as well! That’s over 40 beds and mattresses… truly a provision from the Lord!

    bunk beds
    Faithful staff preparing new bunk beds for the school year at the Deaf home

    Another praise is that Bro. Ed's brother, James Kofi, is a college president with some time off right now. He has chosen to use his time to do educational training with the headmasters of both Daniel Hoover and Oscar & Viola. It is extremely beneficial to have someone pour into these school leaders and instruct them in effective ways to educate the children, as many teachers and administrators have had very little education or training.

    One thing we’d ask you to be in prayer about is the need for a leader on the ground so that the agricultural program might continue at both schools. Many of you may remember Zayzay, who has faithfully headed up this program for several years. Much literal “fruit” was beginning to be harvested from his efforts to teach the children and staff to grow things they could use to sustain themselves and to provide them with nourishing foods... with the added benefit of teaching them a life skill in agricultural work. When Zayzay passed away this year, a void was certainly created in the ability for this program to move forward. There seems to be a Liberian man, a member of the ACFI church, who would like to be able to commit to overseeing the program at both schools, but prayer is needed for funding a monthly salary for him ($150/mo). 

    May you be blessed as you adjust to a new season and walk boldly in the way of the Lord. Thank you for your continued support for the children in Liberia!

    With JOY,
    Corrie Luebke

    [Posted: 09/08/2015]

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