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  • $40 per month will provide food and care for one orphan.


    November/December Newsletter


    As we approach the week of Thanksgiving here in the US, I am reminded daily of all I have for which to be thankful. I am thankful for the little things that bring joy to my days, and for the bigger things, like the ability to faithfully give of my family’s first-fruits to see the Kingdom of God glorified through ACFI’s children’s ministry.  Most of you are doing the same thing each month, and while it may even put a burden on your budget, your faithfulness in giving does not depend on any material gain, and for that I am exceedingly thankful.

    ~ After our last newsletter, one family donated one year’s worth of salary for Morris, the new agricultural worker for the children’s homes. This was a prayer request and it is a great blessing to have it answered for the next year! For that I am Thankful.

    ~ ACFI has begun building a college in Monrovia that will provide seminary training to its students. They are hoping to do a dedication in February, and open it for school next fall. Some of you have mailed ministry materials to the ACFI office to be sent on the next shipping container full of supplies for the college and packages for the children. For that I am Thankful!

    ~ The children have recently finished a round of testing at school, and are all so excited for December to arrive so that they can be home with their families for the Christmas break! They will be blessed with a Christmas party before the break. I am Thankful for their sweet hearts and for those that care for them when their families cannot.

    A Sponsor’s Story: Betsy
    "In 2010 I had the opportunity to live at the Daniel Hoover Village Mission School for 3 months. I met Celia there and not only fell in love with her, but with so many other children there as well. When I left, I knew God was calling me to sponsor a child and it has been amazing to help Celia through sponsorship. I have also loved being able to send and receive letters and to see pictures of her as she grows over the years. It has truly been a blessing and a joy to have been able to sponsor Celia for the last 5 years."

    Finally, please know that that the lack of trips to Liberia in recent months makes updates fairly difficult. However, if you would like to have more frequent communication with your sponsored child, please email a letter and family photo (for example), to and I will forward it on to our sponsorship director on the ground in Liberia to share with your child. Sending a Birthday message to him or her would be especially loved. This gives the children a more tangible view of your heart for them, and will inspire more communication in return!

    We are so grateful for your support.


    In Christ,

    Tori Shelton

    Sponsorship Coordinator