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    January/February 2016 Newsletter


    A child a Daniel Hoover enjoying his Christmas meal

     I pray that this update finds each of you encouraged in the Lord, trusting in his promises, and leaning on Him for understanding! Personally speaking, these last months have been a time of loss, as two friends of mine have passed away in just several weeks’ time, so I find myself needing his encouragement, his great and precious promises, and to lean on him and not my own understanding. I’m so thankful for his goodness though… so deeply grateful to know my friends are with their Savior! 

     I think of the people that I have known of that have passed away in Liberia over the years we have been involved there. It is a much more common experience to face death and experience sorrow in a place where disease and lack of nutrition and healthcare are so prominent. That’s why we are so thankful to you for choosing to be sponsors or contributors, which gives the children at the homes food, medicine, and schooling… all of which greatly increase their chances of surviving and thriving. Of course, above all, they need prayer for their spiritual needs– they need the Lord in order to have abundant life, no matter their earthly circumstances! We trust that you will continue to pray for your sponsored child(ren) and for the people who lead, teach, and care for them.

     At the end of each year, specially designated donations from sponsors and supporters go toward the expenses of a Christmas party for the children at the mission homes. This has become a highlight for the kids, as it is rare for them to have anything above the basics of life. For Christmas 2015, the children were delighted to have fried chicken, big bowls of a special rice dish, bags of popcorn, juice boxes or soda, and some candies! Thank you to all who donated to this specific purpose – we hope you enjoy seeing some pictures of the kids enjoying their Christmas party!

    One of the wonderful dorm matrons, sitting in front of a bucket full of baggies of popcorn for the children

    Some of you took the recent opportunity to send packages to your sponsored children in the container that ACFI arranged to send to Liberia. Those packages arrived safely! Praise the Lord! We hope to get pictures of the kids with their packages from Queen Sieh that we will be able to share with you soon.

    The new school semester has started for the kids by this time. Additionally, there are four girls who have graduated from the mission school that are starting their new semester of college courses as well. If anyone would like more information on helping to provide for their tuition costs, you can e-mail Tori Shelton at

    Thank you!

    With JOY,

    Corrie Luebke

    [Posted: 01/18/2016]

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