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    Update From Pastor Kofi - January 09


    Dear Beloved:

    This is just a quick news update.

    Praise the Lord! The children and workers at the Daniel Hoover Children Village got an unwelcome new year visit by armed robbers on Monday night, January 5, 2009.

    Right now we are not asking or pleading for any help. Instead, perhaps we could together thank God for protecting the lives of the Children and workers. Somebody could have got hurt. Please, this should not discourage you though the thought is agonizing. Let us know that our God is in control.

    The watchmen at the village are now in the hands of police for questioning. According to reports, all of them did not report to work Monday night and did not tell anyone that they were not coming to work. Their absence made the situation very grave. The armed men raided the village, going from storage to storage taking everything they saw including the children's food, clothes as well as the school chairs and working tools (wheelbarrows, shovels, etc).

    The village has always been the target of armed robbers because the property is not secured. We fear for the lives of the children and workers because perhaps this may one day turn violent.

    We know that what has been taken God will replace, so let's only thank him for protecting the lives of the children and workers. Though we grieve in the national, yet, we hope in God that all is well.

    Thanks and kind regards.

    Ed Kofi 

    [Posted: 01/15/2009]

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