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    April/May News

    Completed Projects and Other Updates

    Since the team has returned from their trip to Liberia in March, progress continues to take place at the two children's homes.  With the help of this team, they were able to leave funds for two important projects that have since been completed.

    One of the most critical needs at the Daniel Hoover Children's Village was to empty all of the septic tanks and do some plumbing repairs to get all of the bathrooms in working order. That project has since been completed. The second project was to help ACFI move towards self-sustainability with some funds for farming. ACFI acquired farm land one year ago but had no money to plant crops. The missions team was able to help purchase seeds and donated money for repairs to farming equipment so that 5 acres of cassava and 5 acres of a mixture of corn, cabbage, and watermelon were recently planted just in time for the rainy season. These crops should be ready for harvesting at the end of summer.  Photos of these efforts are in the photo albums section in the sponsorship area.

    Additional updates include the purchase of 15 new mattresses and flip flops for the children at the Deaf Home.  Pictures of the Deaf Home have been uploaded to the website.  And as this month comes to an end, so will the children's school year.  Summer break is around the corner for them just as it is for American children.  Such a simple thing as school ending and summer beginning is a way for us to look at our children and know they are going through the same thing.

    The greatest concern for ACFI and CAS is that at this time the homes are only receiving about one-third of the funds they need to operate. Thanks to sponsors like you, the children are able to eat, as the main portion of the sponsorship funds go to feeding the children. However, at this time, teachers and caretakers are months behind in their pay and basic necessities are often sacrificed. If you know of people who are interested in being involved, we encourage you to share your heart to care for children in need in Liberia and ask if they would like to join you by sponsoring a child.

    God is doing amazing things in Africa, one child at a time. We thank you for being part of this work!

    [Posted: 05/07/2009]

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