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    June Newsletter

    Upcoming Changes & Needs

    As you all know, Liberian adoptions have been under a moratorium since January of this year as the government is reforming the adoption law and taking steps to put it into practice.  Although this has been a hard time for many families that have been in waiting, we are hopeful that in the next few months the law will be put into effect.


    With this change, ACFI and CAS are working to make sure that the Daniel Hoover Childrens Village meets all of the requirements.  These new laws pertain to the care of orphaned and indigent children in Liberia.  According to the new law, orphanages can only care for a maximum of 50 children.  Since there are over 300 children at the Daniel Hoover Childrens Village, ACFI is trying to work with the government to ensure that they adhere to the laws while still being able to care for the children by transforming the DHCV into a boarding school.  As a boarding school they are able to continue providing lodging, food, education and simple medical care to the children.


    In addition, all those children that are and/or will be in the adoption process will be housed with families from within ACFI churches for the duration of their last months in Liberia.  With this program that ACFI is starting, they will remain within the boundaries of the new law and continue serving these children. 


    Regardless of all these changes, your sponsorship will continue to go to these children and is needed now more than ever!! With all of the changes going on, these children need to be assured that they will continue to be cared for and provided with food, shelter and clothing. THANK YOU for all that you have given and for your partnership.


    Additional needs that ACFI has given in order to come in compliance as being a boarding school are listed below.  These requirements came from the Ministry of Education and have strict deadlines:          

    1)      Build a fence around the perimeter of the property (6 ft, chain link fence with barbed wire top  900 yards of fencing) by August 1st ($15,000)

    2)      Upgrade the bedding to 200 bunk beds at $35 each which will be constructed by the ACFI staff ($7000)


    We are thankful for your support for the children at the Daniel Hoover Childrens Village and ask for your continued prayers as all of these changes take place this summer!



    [Posted: 06/19/2009]

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