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    September Newsletter

    The Daniel Hoover Village Mission School Opens

    Daniel Hoover Village Mission School Fence
    Daniel Hoover Village Mission School Fence

    We are thankful for God's great provision! It is with joy that we write this letter to let you know that the Daniel Hoover Village Mission School is opening today with accreditation from the Ministry of Education. For the past few days, children have been arriving, and the spirit around the mission school has been one of great excitement.

    The children and families are so thankful to see the new fence up that will provide the children and staff with increased protection. It is also a thrill for the children to see their new bunkbeds, especially since most would not have even a mattress to sleep on if they weren't at the school.

    The main need that still exists as they start the new school year is a vehicle to transport teachers to and from the mission each day. Please be in prayer that enough money would be raised quickly to provide for this need.

    The students, teachers and caretakers are anxious to begin a new year. They are thankful for sponsors like you who make it possible for them to have food and go to school. They are eager to learn about the love of Jesus and how they can live for Him and make a positive contribution to their country.


    The children in school uniforms are waiting to come home to their forever families.

    Adoptions are still on hold in Liberia at this time. The children who have been matched with adoptive families continue to be in the care of people from ACFI churches. These children are starting school near where they live as well.

    Thank you for your continued support on behalf of the children of Liberia!

    [Posted: 09/15/2009]

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