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    November 2009

    African Child Sponsorship Update

    November is a special month for the African Child Sponsorship program for two reasons. Because it is National Adoption month and many Christians across America are made aware of the call to get involved in orphan care, it provides more opportunities than usual for the Lord to stir His peoples hearts for children in need around the world. Children like Agnes, Moses and Hawa, whose parents have either died or find themselves unable to provide for their families, are given a new hope for their future as donors like you sign up to pray and provide funds to care for them.

    In November here at African Child Sponsorship, we also celebrate the anniversary of African Christians Fellowship International, which began spreading the gospel through six West African countries on November 9, 1986. This past weekend, on Sunday, November 8th, ACFI church members and children and caretakers from the Daniel Hoover Childrens Village Mission School and the Mission School for Deaf Children marched in celebration from City Hall to the ACFI offices in Monrovia, Liberia. On the same day, Americans and Liberians gathered at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, NC to celebrate all that God has done to draw people to Christ through the ministry of ACFI over the past 23 years.

    The children at the mission schools continue to apply themselves to their studies and to learning more about the Lord. They finished their first marking period with exams and are now in the middle of their second marking period. Thanks to the generosity of Rob Sirleaf, Liberian President Sirleafs son, renovations are taking place at the Mission School for Deaf Children. 

    Though adoptions continue to remain on hold in Liberia, a symposium to address the proposed Childrens bill was held on November 13th-14th. Many child welfare advocates, government officials and service providers were involved in the event. The main goal of the symposium was to work on the bill so that it would be ready for a vote by the Liberian Congress when they reconvene after the New Year.

    As you prepare for the holidays, please pray for your sponsored child, that s/he would embrace the gift that God has given in His Son. If you would like to share the opportunity of sponsorship with friends and family this season, please contact Christian Adoption Services. You will be sent sponsorship cards to distribute.

    Many blessings to you,

    Angel Rutledge
    African Child Sponsorship Coordinator

    [Posted: 11/16/2009]

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