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    January 2010

    Counting God's Blessings

    A common song that is sung in Liberian churches is "Count Your Blessings." After a year filled with many of them, it is right to give God the praise for all He has been doing in the lives of children in need in Liberia. Here are a few that have been witnessed through the partnership of Christian Adoption Services and African Christians Fellowship International:

    1.  A team of 16 Americans served at the Daniel Hoover Village and the Mission for Deaf Children in March. Some of the highlights of the trip included a VBS program for the children; medical checks on each child; construction work to improve a clinic at the Daniel Hoover Village and repairs to doors and malaria screens; emptying of septic tanks; leadership training in finances, teaching and adoption; and funding of agricultural endeavors.

    2.  Funds for a security fence were raised and the fence was built around the 6.5 acre property at the Daniel Hoover Village during the summer of 2009. This allows for much greater security for the children and caretakers who were previously vulnerable to thefts from local villagers.

    3.  Both mission homes were transitioned into boarding schools for the 2009-2010 school year.

    4.  Over 200 bunk beds were built for students for the 2009-2010 school year. What a great luxury for children who are used to sleeping on floors.

    5.  Funds were raised to purchase a vehicle to transport teachers to and from the Daniel Hoover Village each day.

    6.  Children who were in the process of being adopted before a moratorium started were able to be transitioned into temporary care with church families while they wait to be united with their families.

    7.  Thanks to a grant secured by President Sirleaf's son, Rob Sirleaf, renovations were completed on the Misson for Deaf Children in December 2009. Children at the home are now able to enjoy running water and a completed facility. 

    Many thanks go to you for joining with us as sponsors to improve the lives of Liberian children. We look forward to seeing all that God has planned for these children in the coming year.

    In His Service,

    Angel Rutledge
    Liberia Programs Coordinator



    [Posted: 01/04/2010]

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