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  • $40 per month will provide food and care for one orphan.


    March 2010


    Classroom at Daniel Hoover Children's Village. 

    Faithful Friends,

    Thank you for your continued commitment to care for the children of Liberia. There is much to praise God for as we look back on the last month. There are also some pressing needs that you can pray about in the coming days.


    Thanks to sponsors like you, $14,635 was raised to purchase a vehicle to transport teachers at the Daniel Hoover Childrens Village. The leadership of ACFI are waiting for a large van to become available for purchase at this time. This provides a tremendous boost in ACFIs ability to get teachers into the classrooms for the children.

    At the end of January, three nurses who were in Liberia for a medical missions trip were able to tour both missions where they gave de-worming pills to many children.

    The third week of February, ACFI held their annual church conference. Several thousand church members from all over Liberia gathered in Monrovia to worship the Lord together. A team of twelve Westerners were able to join Liberian pastors in delivering daily messages to the people.

    Students working on writing skills.

    Though adoptions are still on hold due to a moratorium that has lasted for over a year, CAS Liberian Adoption Director was allowed to escort one child home last month who had a court decree before the moratorium. Thankfully, this child, who is deaf, has been united with her adoptive family and can now receive many special services not available to her in Liberia.

    A team of 18 Americans has committed to a mission trip to serve alongside ACFI at the two missions for children in June. In addition to running a VBS program, loving on the children and updating sponsorship information, the team members will work on expanding agricultural and business initiatives to help the ministry in their goal of becoming more sustainable.

    Kitchen at Daniel Hoover
    Kitchen area where children eat at the Daniel Hoover Children's Village.

    Prayer Requests:

    Please pray that the government of Liberia would settle on a new adoption law that would enable unparented children to be raised in a family. There are waiting families who have been matched with children for more than two years who desperately want to bring their children home. Concerns grow about the long term challenges the children and families will face post placement with such a long wait.

    Please pray for the upcoming June mission trip for unity amongst team members, for resources to be of lasting value, for safety and good health, and that all of Gods plans would be accomplished.

    Please pray for increased donations and successful efforts in sustainability endeavors like agriculture and business. At this time, only about one-third of the necessary funding is coming in each month. This covers food and basic necessities for the children, but does not provide enough for consistent teacher and caretaker pay or any of the other many needs of keeping the missions maintained.

    It is my hope that each of you can see the significant impact you are having on the lives of not just your sponsored child, but on all of the children at the Daniel Hoover Childrens Village and The Mission for Deaf Children.

    With Joy,

    Angel Rutledge

    African Child Sponsorship Coordinator

    [Posted: 03/11/2010]

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