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  • $40 per month will provide food and care for one orphan.


    April 2010


    Dear Sponsor,

    As a mother of two Liberian children and the coordinator of this sponsorship program, I regularly give thanks for your commitment to orphaned and indigent children in Liberia. Seeing the faces of my children each morning as they eat healthy breakfasts and each night as they lie sleeping comfortably in their beds, I can't help but think about the abundant resources we have to offer our children in America every day. As I prepare to travel back with a team to Liberia in June, my excitement grows as I anticipate visiting with all of the children at the mission schools. How I wish I could take each one of you with me to see the impact your contributions have on their lives. Because of your decision to give monthly, they do not have to work in the markets or on the side of busy streets, to live as servants in exchange for food and a place to sleep, or pound rocks all day as some children do in Liberia. Instead, they can go to school, play with their friends and dream about a possible future.

    Here is what Benjamin, age 9, wrote this month to his sponsor:

    Dear Sponsor,

    I am so happy to write to you. I am in school and I also live in Daniel Hoover Children Village. I love my teacher. He is doing well with me in my study. I want to be a medical doctor. My favorite subject is science. My favorite color is blue. Thank you for sponsoring me. May God richly bless you.



    Many of you have received a letter from your sponsored child this month. (We are still waiting on a few more, so if you haven't gotten yours yet, it should be coming shortly.) With the June trip approaching, you have an opportunity to write your sponsored child back and send him/her a few small items to enjoy. In fact, because we are taking a large team, I am happy to tell you that we can take up to a 9"X12" envelope to give to your sponsored child. Here are some ideas of what can be included in the envelope: letters, photos of you and your family, stickers, slim jims, beef jerky, gum, hard candy, a magazine or small book, pencils, or stationery. Please do not send toy weapons, chocolate, or crayons.

    Please check the FAQ section of the site for information about what to write your sponsored child and where to send the envelope. Make sure that you include your child's name somewhere on the envelope.

    If you are interested in collecting some of the supplies we will take to give out to all of the children during the June trip, you can sign up at: . This would be a great blessing as there are many children who do not have individual sponsors.

    I am also happy to let you know that a vehicle has been purchase for the Daniel Hoover Mission, and a vehicle for the Deaf Mission is being researched at this time.

    Thank you for giving out of the abundance of what God has provided in your life!

    With joy,

    Angel Rutledge

    African Child Sponsorship Coordinator


    [Posted: 04/14/2010]

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