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    Sponsorship Update



    Dear Sponsors,

    What a joy it was  to see the children at the Daniel Hoover Children's Village and the Deaf Mission on our recent trip to Liberia! Our team of ten Americans worked on many initiatives that I will share with you in the next newsletter, but first, I want you to hear from our teammate, Corrie, who lead our team in collecting information for the sponsorship program. 

    From Corrie...

                I am excited to have this opportunity to share with you what a privilege it was to serve in Liberia this June.  The children at the Daniel Hoover Children's Village and the Deaf Mission greeted our team with huge smiles, excitement, and great affection.  Their joy and love was such an encouragement to my heart.

                We worked very specifically to update the information on each child staying at the mission schools.  To be honest, it is quite difficult to bring our American expectations of order and organization to a country that just doesn't operate that way. Slowly but surely, each group that travels to Liberia is gaining a deeper and clearer understanding of how things function, and one day maybe we'll have a majority of it figured out!  In the meantime, we want to communicate to you some of the challenges within the sponsorship program as well as just how much each one of you means to your sponsored child.


    Seeing the needs of the children with my eyes, and no longer just imagining them, was heartbreaking in moments.  As much as these children are cared for, the resources simply aren't available to meet all their needs.  Our team had the joy of being able to work towards getting running water in the dorms, replacing terribly mildewed mattresses, seeing that bunk beds were ordered to help combat the constant damage humidity does, purchasing mosquito netting for those kids not yet having any, and to bolster the very limited food supplies. 

                The funds from the sponsorship program will continue to assist the staff to be able to meet the basic needs of the children.  We cannot thank you enough for this commitment... you are literally putting food into the mouths of children in need.  I also cannot express enough thanks for your commitment to the individual children that you sponsor.  So many children, young and old, boys and girls, hearing and deaf... just wanted to know that I would remember their names.  Just think what it means to have someone not only remember their names, but to write them letters, send pictures,  and small items, and to pray for them!  I can tell you that they proudly display the things they receive in their dorm rooms, and are overjoyed to get the things you send.  Your sponsorship serves to give them a tie to a world outside their Mission home, and a line of hope to which I am confident they hold tightly.

                One thing we found that I did not anticipate, was a high rate of student turn-over in the homes.  While there are many orphaned and abandoned children, there are also high numbers of children that have families.  They are sent to the school simply because their families cannot provide for them.  While this situation may be long-term for many, there are a number of children who go back to live with their families when they are able to once again be provided for. 

                  For the children, being with the family that loves them is a good thing.  Unfortunately, some of these children are sponsored when they live at the school and then, as we found during our trip, they go home again, and do not receive the packages their sponsors send.

                As a team, we had to decide what to do with this situation.  In your stead, we decided that in such cases, we would give the wonderful packages you sent to other children and essentially reposition your sponsorship to that new child.  We desire and hope that you continue to pray for your original child, but also that you would now take on your new sponsored child with the same joy in which they received your letters and gifts.

                As always, the monthly sponsorship fee goes not to the individual child, but toward the needs of all the children.  Your support will continue to supply food and care to the kids regardless of the change in your sponsored child.

                Shortly, you will be receiving updated pictures and information about your child, as well as a letter written to you.  We pray that it will be a blessing  to you!  Thank you so much for continuing to play a vital role in the care and encouragement of children in Liberia!


    All for HIS glory,

    Corrie Luebke

    [Posted: 07/06/2010]

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