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    August 2010

    Recap of the June Liberia Missions Trip


    "You hear, O LORD, the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry, defending the fatherless and the oppressed, in order that man, who is of the earth, may terrify no more." Psalm 10:17-18

    As our team returned from Liberia where we worked alongside African Christians Fellowship International (ACFI) to care for orphaned and indigent children at two mission homes, we're thankful that we were able to see how faithful God is to His word. Though a couple of government officials in partnership with UNICEF and Save the Children continue to work against adoptions and orphanages, we were able to see God working through the local church to care for children who are unparented.

    It was a huge step forward this trip to go beyond relief efforts to work on the greater need of providing training, investment and support to the local church as they rebuild their country and reach their people for Christ. It was also very meaningful for us to spend time with the children and let them know that they are so valuable to us, to you who sponsor and support them, and especially to God who created them. Here are some of the ways God used your prayers and support:


    Planting Moringa Trees at the Deaf Mission 


    ~Planting Moringa trees at the Deaf Mission (DM). These trees grow 9-15 ft. a year and have amazing nutritional value. It was so helpful for us to go and see that better nutrition is a huge need at this mission. The staff and children share the little food they have with children from the surrounding village who are in greater need than them. This knowledge helped us realize that the need for more sponsors and more agricultural initiatives is great and spurred us on to getting this message out as we return home.

    ~Starting a bakery business at the DHCV. We provided training and initial funds for staff members to start a business of selling bread for surrounding villagers. This will offset some of the costs of caring for the children at the mission home.

    ~Funding and overseeing repairs to restore running water to the Daniel Hoover Children's Village (DHCV). One of our team members oversaw the crew of Liberians hired to do this job.

    ~Evaluating and funding some needs at both missions. We realized the DM needs a lot of beds, mattresses, bedding and bed nets and the DHCV needs some repairs to beds and screens. We hired a couple of ACFI church members to do this work. The DHCV also needs more sponsorship funds for food and both missions need monthly stipends for teachers and staff.

    ~Leadership training for key ACFI staff. Angel Rutledge was able to do a couple of training sessions focusing on a biblical perspective of leadership and an interactive session on American values of running a ministry versus Liberian values. We discussed our need to continually improve in our abilities to work together and follow the Lord as we partner together.

    ~Teaching paper beading to older girls and ACFI staff. For the girls, it gives them an activity to do that's enjoyable and creative. For the staff, they are excited about the possibility of making money by selling the jewelry, which doesn't exist yet in the Monrovian marketplace.

    ~Facilitating a VBS program and game time with the children and collecting updated sponsorship information. Being able to spend time with the children was by far our favorite part of the trip!! We have talked about extending the length of future trips so we can do more of this.

    ~Three of the 10 team members were waiting adoptive parents, and were able to meet their children for the first time after an almost two year wait.  They were able to have their children with them as they served for the entire week!

    Loving on kids at the Daniel Hoover Childrens Village 

     Thank you for your support, whether past or present, in the lives of the children of Liberia. The needs seem endless, and yet we rest in God, knowing that he loves them passionately and will be faithful to them. Thank you especially to those of you who sponsor children... we cannot express what meaning you have in their lives, and the important basic needs that are being met because you have been faithful to give. If you sense that God would have you begin or continue to be a part of his heart for these precious ones, the following are great places to start:

    1. Pray for the people of Liberia, that they would understand and embrace God's call to adopt them as His children through Jesus Christ. Pray also that the local church would be equipped to share this truth throughout their country.

    1. Sponsor a child through You can read how significant sponsorship can be in the life of a child in the newsletters on the site.

    2. Pray about joining or continuing to sponsor future missions trips to Liberia.

    With Joy,  
    Corrie Luebke
    African Child Sponsorship Coordinator


    [Posted: 08/07/2010]

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