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    September 2010

    Ways to communicate with your sponsored child & project updates from Liberia

    Collapsed porch at DHCV

       We are excited to share with you the great progress being made in Liberia to care for the many children in need. In this letter, we hope to update you on projects happening in Liberia, share new opportunities that sponsors have to get involved with their sponsored children's lives, and give you a glimpse of the challenges that continue. Your support, whether through sponsorship or one-time donations, is critical, and we are so grateful for your commitment.
       As another school year begins here in the States, the same is happening in Liberia. The mission boarding schools are back in session with the children arriving to stay for the year and returning to classes on September 13th both at Daniel Hoover Children's Village and at the Deaf Mission. It is an exciting and busy time for the staff!
    Unfortunately, just before classes resumed, the porch on the school building at DHCV caved in. The staff has had workers trying to get that cleaned up as best as they can. Maintenance issues are a continual part of working with structures in Liberia. There is a tremendous amount of wear and tear on buildings because of the 6 months of rain a year added to all of the wear due to the children and adults living there. Please be praying about funds and direction for this project.
       We also want to let you in on the updates we've been receiving since the June trip to Liberia.
       One of the initiatives during the June trip was to teach and assist staff and older children at the Deaf Mission to plant and care for Moringa trees. These trees are incredibly fast-growing and have nutritious foliage and fruit which we hoped would grow to become a dependable food source. Unfortunately, there appear to be pests eating the tops and leaves off the plants. The trees that have survived look unhealthy. We are trying to come up with and communicate some ways that this problem may be solved.

    Bakery Business

       A second initiative during the June trip was to train staff at Daniel Hoover Children's Village to successfully run a bakery business to bring some income to the mission home for food to feed the children there. Apparently, it is up and running and the bread is fabulous! They are making bread 2 - 3 times a week and sell approximately $75 - $85 each time they bake. The cost of one day's worth of bread is about $60. Transportation can be a bit tricky because they take the dough off site for mixing/kneading and then bring it back to DHCV to prepare it for baking. They are using taxis and motorbikes to transport the dough and supplies right now, which cuts into their profits and causes safety issues. If bread is baked approximately 2.5 times per week, the net profit should average $37.50 - $62.50, which is a huge accomplishment for such a young business in Liberia!
       We are excited to inform you about three new opportunities to communicate with your sponsored children as this new school year begins. The first is that you can send an e-mail to us for your sponsored child, and once grouped together, we will send these on to Liberia to be distributed to the children this fall. Please send your e-mail letters to Angel Rutledge at by October 4th and be sure to include your sponsored childs full name at the top of the letters as well as the name of his/her mission home, so that we are able to get them to the right child! Do not include photos in your emails.
       The second opportunity is that you can send hand-written letters, pictures & stickers to your child by sending these items to Corrie Luebke (16136 Xingu St. NE ~ Forest Lake, MN 55025). They must arrive no later than October 4th if they are to be included in the shipment that should hopefully make it to the children by Christmas!
       The third opportunity is that sponsors will now be able to send small packages to their sponsored children two times per year. We have located a shipping company that will allow us to ship goods to Liberia, enabling us to send things to the children, hopefully arriving in January. (It takes up to 3 months to ship!) This will be in addition to the opportunity to send something with the team that travels to Liberia in the spring.

    Students at the Deaf Mission

       It is extremely exciting and encouraging for the children to receive a package from their sponsor. You may think it is only because of the "stuff" that they get, but that is not the case. The children enjoy all the things that are sent, but their most prized possessions are the things that last... the knowledge that you are praying for them, the pictures of you or your family, the words you write to them about how they are loved. These things last much longer than the delicious hard candy or the really fun school supplies, although those are a HUGE joy to them as well!
       Please prayerfully consider sending a package to your sponsored child. (If you don't have a sponsored child, and desire to get involved, please visit our website at to sign up!)
    The guidelines for packages are as follows:
    1. All items must fit into a 9 x 12 manila envelope, clearly marked on the outside with the child's full name and mission home. If they do not, we will not be able to send the package to the child or return it to the donor.
    2. Please do not send perishable food, chocolate, crayons (due to melting!) or toy weapons.
    Great things to include: letters, pictures, hard candies (lollipops are a favorite!), Slim Jims, notebooks, pencils and sharpeners, stickers, underwear, outfit (t-shirts and shorts for boys and sundresses for girls) balls, stuffed animals, hair accessories, and flip-flops. (Unfortunately, we cannot determine the best sizes to get for your child.)
    3. Your package needs to arrive no later than November 8th at the following address:
    Corrie Luebke 16136 Xingu St. NE ~ Forest Lake, MN 55025

    There continue to be many challenges as we seek to serve the children of Liberia, but so much to be thankful for as well. The progress we've seen is encouraging to our hearts, even as there seem to be never-ending "issues" to work out. We are confident that God is working on behalf of his children, and it is a joy to be part of it!

    "You hear, O Lord, the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry..." Psalm 10:17

    With Joy,
    Corrie Luebke
    Sponsorship Coordinator


    [Posted: 09/15/2010]

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