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    Important Update for Sponsors

    Changes regarding sending your child a package...

    Important Update for Sponsors!

    Due to unforeseen events, the information we sent out several weeks ago about sending your sponsored child a package, has changed. The Liberian Adoption Director will now be traveling to the US within the month of October. When she returns to Liberia, she will be able to bring the packages with her, ensuring that they get to the kids in a timely manner. We feel this is an excellent opportunity, so please review the new information to be able to get your sponsored child's package together in time!

    Change #1: The packages must all arrive at CAS by October 25th, or they will not be sent at this time, but must wait until another opportunity arises (most likely months from now).

    Change #2: Send all packages to:
    Christian Adoption Services
    Attn: Angel Rutledge
    624 Matthews-Mint Hill Rd. Ste. 134
    Matthews, NC 28105
    (NOT to Corrie Luebke in Minnesota as planned before)

    Change # 3:
    Because of luggage restrictions, your child's package needs to be one pound or less in weight, and limited to what fits into a closed 9x12" manila envelope. Please clearly mark the front of the envelope with your child's full name and mission school location (Deaf Mission or Daniel Hoover Children's Village).

    Remember ~ This is a very special opportunity to get tangible things into your sponsored child's hands to reveal your love and care for them. Letters, photos, stickers, small toys, flip-flops, school supplies, slim jims, beads & string, etc... are all wonderful ideas and will thrill them! Please consider gathering some items and writing to them soon!

    With Joy,
    Corrie Luebke
    Sponsorship Coordinator


    [Posted: 09/30/2010]

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