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    November 2010 Newsletter


    Several girls at the School for the Deaf


    Highlight on the Oscar and Viola Stewart School for the Deaf:
    It has been such fun to be in touch with various staff members in Liberia who serve the children so faithfully.
    Pastor Harrington Jududoe recently e-mailed some updates from the Deaf Mission, where he lives and serves as the director. There are now ten teachers; six deaf, and four hearing individuals who have learned sign language. They have written the Ministry of Education to apply for registration as a senior high for deaf children. Their plan has always been to educate and fully prepare the children vocationally before allowing them to graduate from their institution. Pastor Harrington remarked, "We are praying and believing God for a fruitful fulfillment of our plan." Let's pray with them!
    The Minister of Special Education has visited the Deaf School campus twice now and seems to love the work being accomplished there. She has pledged her support but has requested certain things be in order before being able to accredit them. They will need to do the following: set up a mini-library and a small science laboratory, set apart offices for various departments in the school, build a separate generator house, and separate the joint classrooms with curtains. These might seem like simple and easy things to us here in the US, but in Liberia, it is easier said than done. There are few resources and little existing space in the small building that serves as both school and dorm for all the children. Thankfully, God will not be stopped by such small concerns... and for that, we are grateful! We desire to come alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ to see funds raised for these things, as well as for a separate building that can serve as a vocational center to train the deaf students at a sustainable trade, by which they can survive when no longer at the school. At this time, funds have been sent to make repairs to the generator and purchase curtains to separate the classrooms. Our hope is that we will be able to work on the other improvements on our June 2011 mission trip. 

    2011 Liberia Mission Trip
    We are happy to announce that the dates have been tentatively set for the next spring missions trip to Liberia! From May 29-June 13th Angel Rutledge, who serves as Liberia Adoption Coordinator through Christian Adoption Services, will again lead a team to serve the orphans & indigent children of Liberia, and the staff who faithfully care for them. The team will use the gifts and talents of the various members to do many things such as; teaching/training of staff, assessments of facilities, updating sponsorship information, small business and micro-loan program initiatives, VBS activities with the children, and of course, just loving on the many children at the ACFI homes.

    Can I just insert something here? I would like to encourage you to take a step of "reckless faith" and travel to meet and serve these children face-to-face if God has been pulling on your heart. I was so incredibly blessed and challenged by being part of last year's team. God opened my eyes and has since engaged me even more deeply in the battle for children in need... the ones He loves with an extraordinary love. Obedience to Him may not come without sacrifice, but it always comes with incredible reward!

    If you desire to be a part of this endeavor at a more local level, you can help us by collecting supplies for the kids or raising funds that will be used for orphan care when in-country. Last year, we were able to replace moldy and mildewed mattresses, bolster food supplies that were very low, buy bunk beds, and mosquito nets among many other things. If you can, think of a creative way to raise some funds! People have done all sorts of things in the past: cookie sales, serving lunch where proceeds go toward this fund, boutique sales, trade-in-your-gold parties... all sorts of things! From January to February 14th, we will be having a "Change for the Children of Liberia" fundraiser. If you are interested in collecting change, please email us, and we can send you a label to tape on a container and more details. Whether you raise a few dollars or several hundred, it will all be used to bring change to the lives of the children of Liberia!

    If you are interested in being part of the 2011 team, collecting various supplies, or fund-raising, please contact Angel Rutledge for more information in the Contact Us section of this website.

    Children at Daniel Hoover 

    Three Liberian Children now Home with their Adoptive families!
    In mid-October, after a wait of over three years, three children were finally released to come to the US to be with their adoptive families. They and their families were obviously thrilled and are doing well. We rejoice with them, and continue to pray with the many families and children who still wait on Liberian policy. Truly, there is an on-going spiritual battle for the lives and future of these kids, and we ask for your faithful prayer, that God would accomplish his purposes and "set the lonely in families." (Psalm 68:6)

    Packages to sponsored children:
    We regret recent changes that may have brought confusion about sending packages to your sponsored children. There have been so many things out of our control that have required us to make changes in when/where/how to get packages to the kids. Thank you for bearing with us! If you want to get a package to your kids, the previous 9 x 12 dimensions and rules for contents apply (See previous newsletters and updates online). Send them to Corrie Luebke 16136 Xingu St. NE Forest Lake, MN 55025 by December 31st. The next opportunity to get a package to your sponsored child will most likely be in spring when the mission team travels there. As always, you can send letters at any time to the same address, and these will be sent off every few months.

    Thank you for your support of the children in Liberia. I pray that God rewards your obedience with joy and peace as you serve Him!

    With Joy,
    Corrie Luebke
    Sponsorship Coordinator

    [Posted: 11/12/2010]

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