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    February 2010 Newsletter

    A Typical Day in the Life of Your Sponsored Child

    Mary receiving her sponsorship package.

    We are very excited to send updates about the children at the Daniel Hoover Childrens Village and the Oscar and Viola School for the Deaf as our sponsorship director, Corrie, her husband, Jason, and their two biological children are in Liberia at this moment, loving on all of the children.  Corrie and Jason were able to deliver all of the sponsorship packages that sponsors sent along, and the children were thrilled to receive them.   If you sent a package for your sponsored child, you should have received a photo by email of your child receiving it. You will also receive a letter from your child after Corrie returns home in a few weeks.

    While staying at Daniel Hoover Childrens Village, Jason and Corrie have been able to get a great perspective of a typical day in the lives of the children at both homes. We thought youd enjoy a glimpse into a day in the life of your child:


    Children receiving a gift of rings that Corrie and Jason brought. Oh, how gifts show them they are loved! 

    6:00 am  The children wake up and sing praise songs in their dorms, do chores (such as getting water, cleaning their rooms, or cleaning the bathrooms), and change into their uniforms.  They also eat a piece of bread or a donut for breakfast.

    7:45 - 8:30  School begins, but it does not start with a bell like in the U.S.  Instead, students trickle in over about a 45 minute timeframe.

    11:00  The children get a half hour break before returning to classes.

    1:00-1:30  School lets out for the day. (The ABC class, which is like kindergarten, ends earlier than the rest of the classes.)

    1:00 or 1:30 to 2:00  The children enjoy rest time or play time.

    2:00 - 3:00 pm  Its time for the main meal of the day, which is a soup mixture over a large bowl of rice. The soup mixture is typically made of a combination of oil and ground vegetables or beans.

    Corrie with a group of children.  

    3:00  6:00 pm  The children are again given rest time or play time.

    6:00  7:30 pm  Devotional and prayer time is led by an adult on the steps of the school. The children then receive a snack and kool-aid.

    7:30 pm -- If there is money to run the generator, the children can watch up to two hours of TV or movies in a central location. If this is not available, or they want to do something else, they hang out in their dorms.

    9:30 pm  Its the end of their day and time for bed.

    As always, thank you for your sponsorship; it means so much to create stability in the lives of these children and provide them an opportunity to learn more about following Christ. 

    With joy,
    Tori and Angel

    [Posted: 02/10/2011]

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