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  • $40 per month will provide food and care for one orphan.


    April 2011 Newsletter

    Project Hope

    Girls at the Mission School for Deaf Children. 

    What an encouragement to know that the children you sponsor in Liberia are rejoicing in the gospel today as they celebrate Good Friday! It is a national holiday in Liberia, so the focus on Christ's sacrifice and death for our sins and the hope of His resurrection three days later is more of a community wide celebration than it is in the US. The children at the mission schools and their caretakers will attend a Good Friday church service for the morning.

    With our minds being renewed over the hope of the gospel to transform lives this Easter weekend, it's a great time to share with you the vision for a new initiative called Project Hope.

    A couple of months ago, as we began preparing for our third annual missions trip to Liberia, we sensed God had another plan. It's always been really important to us to be good stewards of the resources that God provides for our work in Liberia, so when it looked like our team this year might only be 7-8 people, we went back to review our objectives for the trip. No matter how much our team wanted to go, it was obvious that in order to have a significant impact and justify the cost of the trip, the team needed to be larger. In the end, our team leaders prayed and were led to delay the trip until the spring of 2012.

    In that amazing way that God has of turning discouragements into opportunities, we soon realized that not only would we have a lot of people available for a spring 2012 trip, but we would also have the opportunity to strengthen the African ministry we partner with in Liberia (ACFI) in an even greater way in the interim. And so, the vision for Project Hope was born.

    Georgia, an ACFI worker, and her daughter Hope who inspired the name for Project Hope.

    The goals of Project Hope are twofold:

    1. To provide ACFI with the financial resources to retain godly leaders who are qualified and equipped to lead their outreach and children's ministries for a minimum of one year.

    2.To project a renewed hope into ACFI churches over God's ability to transform lives through the sacrifice of His son, Jesus Christ.

    The vision for Project Hope is a lofty raise $35,000 by May 29, 2011.

    While the amount seems great, we know we serve an even greater God who is able to take our individual loaves and fishes and multiply them exponentially. So instead of raising the same amount to send a team of 10 Americans on a weeklong missions trip, our little group is committed to raising the funds needed for one year in key areas.

    Here is how the money will be used:

    1. Two rounds of Micro - loans: These loans will be used by ACFI members to start small businesses. Loan members commit to meeting weekly for a business lesson, worship and repayment of the loan over a 20 week period.

    20 loans at $200 are already funded
    20 loans at $400 are partially funded

    The need: $6800

    (Remember that we already ran one round of loans and saw a 100% repayment rate! That means we already have one of the next rounds funded with the repaid loans from round one, and 20 people were able to start small businesses that are still bringing in income for their families.)

    Jason Luebke with ACFI staff members who will be sponsored.

    2. ACFI Missionary Staff Salaries: Funds will be pooled to provide partial monthly stipends to ACFI mission home staff, administrators, pastors and missionaries. Each US donor will be paired with one of these Liberians and will receive a photo and letter from the supported staff member.

    10 donors at $30 a month for one year
    10 donors at $50 a month for one year
    5 donors at $75 a month for one year

    The need: $14,100

    3. One Time Needs at the Children's Homes

    Maintenance (i.e. emptying septic tanks, roof repairs, vehicle maintenance)
    Building a vocational school at the Deaf Mission (to equip deaf students with career skills)
    Technology (an ongoing internet connection and maintenance of computers)

    The need: $14,100

    The great thing about Project Hope is that God is already doing amazing things to transform lives in Liberia. It's our privilege to come and walk alongside as He continues.  We are thankful for your ongoing commitment to sponsor a child in Liberia and recognize that for some sponsors, this is already a great financial sacrifice. We simply want to make you aware of the vision for Project Hope and give you the opportunity to be involved as God enables you to be. More than anything, we welcome your prayers that God would glorify Himself through this initiative!

    If you or others you know would like to contribute to Project Hope, you can go to the "Donations" tab on the site to give. You will receive a tax receipt from Christian Adoption Services for your donation.

    Praise God for the hope we have in Jesus! Our prayer for you this weekend is that you would be reminded of that hope in a new way, that you would be moved to celebrate God's grace in your life and live completely surrendered to Him.

    Because He lives,


    Liberia Program Coordinator


    [Posted: 04/22/2011]

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