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    May Newsletter


    Deaf Mission Vocational School work has begun! 

    I don't know about your section of the country, but mine is due for some serious sunshine! Our leaves are a little scared to peek out and meet the cold spring weather, and I can't say I blame them! Sometimes it helps me to imagine the almost-constant sunshine and warmth that Liberia offers. It's time for some change of season here. Though the temperature stays near constant in Liberia, the changes of season come in other ways there as well.

    Both Mission schools will finish up with classes in the next month. As usual, those children with family who are able to care for them over the summer will go home during that time. Almost all of the deaf students, and many of the students at Daniel Hoover Children's Village, will not be able to leave to be with family, either because they have none or because their families are unable to meet their needs, and will remain in the care of their directors.

    One priority for focus in working with Liberia is to support their staff in seeing that vocational schools are added to the education model for the children that ACFI cares for. It is extremely important that the children are given training in some sort of trade so that they can go on to earn a living for themselves and their familes one day. At the Deaf School, this need is paramount. Students there do not have families who wish to be be involved in their lives because of their disabilities. Pastor Harrington, the director at the Deaf Mission, shared with our family that many of the children have familes throughout Monrovia, but they have no interaction with their children at all. He does not want to release any of the students from his care without them having the skills needed to function in their communities, and the ability to know a trade to survive. He knows that their unique challenges as deaf individuals will be overcome only through being equipped to work with hearing people and be shown to be hard-working and trustworthy in a learned skill. Thankfully, the work has begun on the first of the two tradeschools! The one at the deaf mission is underway and is set to open this fall. Praise God for his faithfulness in providing some funds for this, a large portion of which came from a totally unexpected source.

    Vocational School Foundation 

    I am extremely happy to report that we are seeing movement in getting the final children home and united with their adoptive families that have been working with CAS. Just six weeks ago, my husband traveled home from Liberia with our own two children! This month alone, three more children have come home to begin their new lives as part of a forever family. For all of the families who have endured the wait that God set before us, we have found it so very true that, "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life." (Proverbs 13:12) Continue to pray for all of these families; there are so many joys and blessings in becoming an adoptive family, but the challenges are great indeed.

    Project Hope will wrap up at the end of this month. So far, $12,000 has been raised to support staff, fund the micro-loan program's second round, and supply major needs at the mission schools. The goal of raising $35,000 (the same amount that the team from America would have spent on airfare, lodging, food, and support) seems far off, but we trust that God will take what we have to offer and multiply its effectiveness for the people we love. If you are interested in being a part by donating, or just have questions about what we're hoping to accomplish with Project Hope,please go to the website and click on the "News and Media" link along the top bar. The April Newsletter will fill you in on all the details. To make a donation, click on the donations link on the site. Thank you to everyone who has already been a part!

    Sponsorship Coordinator


    [Posted: 05/16/2011]

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