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    July 2011 Newsletter


    Johnson and Francis ~ brothers at DHCV 

    July Newsletter 2011
    The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners... Isaiah 61:1

    Though we always have cause to celebrate our freedom in Christ, July is specifically a month of celebrating independence; both here in America, and in Liberia! July 26th is Liberia's Independence Day, and a small team from Ohio as well as a small team from North Carolina will be there to celebrate with the children. As I've mentioned before, many of the children at Daniel Hoover Children's Village are with family or friends for the summer months, but many of them will return for this celebration. The children at the Deaf Mission will all be invited and included in the fun as well! While I'm not sure exactly what the day will hold, I do know that the teams will most likely help to provide a fun meal and drink for all of the children.

    The three person team consisting of Charles and Becky Lloyd and Vandora Henderson from North Carolina landed in Liberia yesterday (July 24th) and will be delivering the sponsorship packages to the children that some of you have sent for that purpose! That really excites me because I can remember the joy that I saw on the children's faces when I was able to deliver the packages to them this past winter. They just light up and get shy all at the same time, as if they are thinking, Me? It's really for me? So, from my heart, THANK YOU for making the effort to get this to your sponsored child if you were willing and able. It will be a blessing... without question!

    Project Hope is closer to the $35,000 goal now with $32,906 committed at this point! Names of individuals connected to the ministry of ACFI have been submitted for the next two rounds of micro-loans, and the applicants are working on their applications at this time. This program will enable our brothers and sisters to learn about finance and accountability and to start a small business of their own, an opportunity that is more than a rare thing in Liberia. How exciting! The monthly stipends that Project Hope will allow us to send for staff within the ministries are also almost ready to be sent. Our hope, and the hope of the ACFI leadership, is that being able to provide at least a small monthly gift to their staff will encourage them to stay a part of the ministries instead of eventually seeking a way to provide for their families elsewhere when they feel they have no other choice and need to bring in some income. The sum alloted for maintenance needs will be distributed when priority projects have been identified, and will be used with careful accountability. A large chunk of the funds will be sent in the next couple of weeks to go towards repairs at Daniel Hoover and the vocational school at the Deaf Mission. There seem to be never-ending lists of things to be fixed, but having spent time at DHCV and the Deaf Mission, I have a deeper understanding of why this is so. The children and the weather are incredibly hard on everything... from septic systems to simple plastic bowls. It is a great joy to be able to provide for at least some of these very real needs.

    Evening Devotions at the Mission School 

    Along with praying for Liberia and for the many children that we care about, I'd like to ask for specific prayer for a friend of mine. Some of you know Queen-Edwina Sieh. Queen is the eldest daughter of Randolph and Francis Sieh who oversee the Daniel Hoover Children's Village. Earlier this month, she was in a motorcycle-taxi accident in route to school, and hurt her leg badly, sustaining serious burns.

    Queen has been fortunate enough to be supported to attend college classes in Monrovia this year. She has to walk to the village to catch a ride on a motorbike (kind of like an individual taxi), which takes her into Monrovia. Once there, she waits for a bus, which sometimes is too full and other times doesn't come. If she can't catch the bus, she has to catch a taxi, which is more expensive, despite the fact that one often shares a taxi with about ten other people all on laps and squished together. Once she finishes the bus ride, she has to walk the rest of the way to her classes, after which, she does it all again to get home where she will have to study and help out with all of the work at the mission home each day.

    Please just pray for complete healing. Liberia is a harsh place to be ill or wounded. We are thankful that Queen has an amazing attitude of gratefulness, even through this, and that she loves Jesus whole-heartedly.

    Thank you for partnering with us to love and serve the children of Liberia. God is so faithful and good to bring so many of us together through this desire, even though we may never meet in this life. It really is awesome to be a part of what HE is doing!

    With Joy,
    Corrie Luebke
    Sponsorship Coordinator

    [Posted: 07/23/2011]

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