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    August 2011 Newsletter


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    The following was written by Becky Lloyd, who recently spent time in Liberia focusing on the ministry to the deaf children that ACFI cares for.

    "Once our eyes are opened we cannot pretend we don't know what to do. God who weighs our hearts, and keeps our souls, knows that we know and holds us responsible to act." Proverbs 24:12

    We returned from Liberia on Saturday, August 6th. We were a small group of three ~ Charles and Becky Lloyd and Vandora Henderson, but the things we learned and are still learning, have been huge. Having spent two weeks living at the Daniel Hoover Village, in Director Sieh's family home, and then traveling back and forth almost daily to visit the children at the Deaf Mission, our eyes have been opened to many things; things of great blessing, as well as things of great need.

    Great blessing...
    We were privileged to experience two celebrations with our Liberian brothers and sisters; the Liberian Independence Day celebration on July 26th and then a week later for the 8th anniversary of the Daniel Hoover Children's Village. While both were similar, each had its own specialness for the day. As always, all guests visiting from America are placed in seats of honor on the stage for church services or any other celebrations. We were joined in that prestigious place on both occasions by Sue Hostetler and her daughter Michal and family friend, Heather Steiner from Ohio and then for the festivities of 8th anniversary we were also joined by the Kevin Hoover family (Daniel Hoover's son, his wife, and their three children) from Pennsylvania. (Daniel and Mary Ellen Hoover are the benefactors of the mission home school.) The Ohio group comes annually to Liberia while this was the Kevin Hoover family's first visit. Madam President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia, was expected to attend, but something must have come up at the last minute as she never made an appearance. This did not dampen the celebration whatsoever as everyone enjoyed a great time of worship and then a delicious meal that followed.

    Anniversary Celebration at DHCV 

    Another blessing was being able to hand-carry the sponsor packets from all of you who sent them to your sponsor children in Liberia. What a blessing to watch the children's eyes light up when they realized they had a special packet from you. We were initially disappointed that more of your children were not at either the DHCV or the Deaf Mission (it was their annual school break). However, we quickly realized that this was good for these children. Family members, of both the children at DHCV and the Deaf Mission, are encouraged to care for their children during the school breaks. For those children who were not at either school, we left packets with the Siehs and the Jududoes to give to the children when they return for the 2011-12 school year in a few weeks. As the DHCV and the Deaf Mission transition from being under the auspices of Liberian social welfare (caring for the orphan and indigent) to qualifying under The Ministry of Education of Liberia as certified schools, please pray that all the requirements can be met satisfactorily to better serve the needs of these children who are so close to our Father's heart.

    We are thankful to report that Queen-Edwina Sieh has recovered nicely from her accident that Corrie asked you to pray about last month. She will have a nasty scar on her leg from now on, but it will serve to be one more reminder that her God was faithful in providing protection and healing from greater harm. Queen is doing well in her college classes and it was a joy to get to know her, as was getting to know all of the Sieh family.


     Liberian dishes served at the celebration

    Great need...
    One of the greatest needs our eyes were opened to at the DHCV was the realization that the roofs on the buildings there are in desperate need of replacement - not repair. This is not something that was anticipated but really must be addressed as these inadequate roofs are causing damage to the ceilings, walls, and floors of the rooms below.  Making repairs to these buildings , in our opinion, is a waste of time, money, and materials.

    In addition, at the Deaf Mission, the need to build a fence around the compound has become a priority. As the community surrounding the Deaf Mission grows, so does the crime. A fence will help to ensure an increased measure of protection for the children and their facilities.

    The needs in Liberia are great, but our God is the all-sufficient God. He desires to use us in meeting the needs of our brothers and sisters there. I know you are already involved with sponsorship, but I would ask that you simply pray and ask the Lord how He would like you to become involved even on a greater level. Our God is creative, so He may give you some creative ways of raising funds for these needs. If God provides for you to give toward one of the needs mentioned above, please contact us at to let us know of His plan. Whether God leads you to increase your financial support of the DHCV or the Deaf Mission or not, please commit to pray for these vast needs to be met soon. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the children of Liberia. 

    In His service,
    Becky Lloyd

    [Posted: 08/16/2011]

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