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    December 2011 Newsletter


    Randolph "Daddy" Sieh is one of the remaining foster fathers to children waiting to be adopted, as well as the Director at DHCV.

    With so many updates to cover, this month's newsletter will simply highlight the many things going on in Liberia and with the ministry of ACFI which cares for the orphaned and indigent children.

    Through many of you, the Lord provided a way to replace the large amount of food that was stolen from the ACFI office in November during the unrest due to the elections. Thank you for your response to that emergency need! Because of your quick response, we were able to send $2000 to Liberia within 24 hours of learning about the food being stolen.

    In addition, a total of $1032 was donated and sent to Liberia specifically for extra food and a special Christmas meal celebration from sponsors! The kids will enjoy that meal more than we can tell you.

    The majority of the children at Daniel Hoover Children's Village School, and a few at the Oscar and Viola Stewart School for the Deaf, will be returning home to spend time with family over the Christmas break and will return in January for a new term.

    A new principal named Thomas Manneh is now on staff at Daniel Hoover Children's Village. This is an important position that can truly affect the climate of the mission, and certainly the education of the kids. Please pray that this man is given strength and clarity from the Lord for his duties.

    A Dean of Students has also been added to the staff at DHCV. Part of his responsibility is to monitor the behavior of the students and provide accountability and discipline. He will also be supervising the older students. Pray for him as well, that God gives him a heart for shaping the children to obey Christ, even as he deals with challenges.

    We have been able to send money for a small Christmas bonus for all of the families who have provided foster care to the children waiting for completed adoptions over the past three years, as well as for the few children remaining in foster care at this time.

    Wonderful news!  In 2011, nine of the children caught in the adoption moratorium over the last three years are now home in America with their families! Plus, we are hopeful that the three remaining children who wait in Liberia will be able to join their family in the next one or two months! Praise God for his miracles!

    A family in South Carolina generously donated a 16-passenger mini school bus to the ACFI ministry which has already arrived in Liberia and is being used primarily for the use of the children at the two mission schools. This was a much needed vehicle, and we are so grateful to know it is available to the staff!

    Students at the School for the Deaf getting water from the well 

    The ACFI offices, right on the coast (literally) of Monrovia, have recently been threatened by the erosion that the ocean waves are causing. Often, building walls simply collapse as the sand shifts under them and is washed away. Walls of rock and concrete are being built to hold back the water. Pray that God would protect the integrity of the building.

    ACFI staff still hope to complete the work that would put a roof on the auditorium area of the school at the Daniel Hoover Children's Village, as well as the trade school that is being built on site of the Oscar and Viola Stewart School for the Deaf.

    The political situation seems to be stabilizing, though there were more riots this past weekend. As the re-elected President begins her new term in office, our prayer is that those who oppose her leadership would join with the elected government to work towards a stronger Liberia. Please continue to pray for the people of Liberia to be able to one day experience true peace and leadership that is full of integrity. 

    Merry Christmas from Corrie and Angel!

    Liberia Sponsorship Coordinators

    "Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, 'Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.'"  Luke 2:13-14

    [Posted: 12/14/2011]

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