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    January 2012 Newsletter


    Mommy Jududoe with one of the few surviving moringa trees as of last year... thank the Lord we have better news (though no picture) now!

    "See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland."  Isaiah 43:19

    Our God is a God of newness! As the month of January brings new beginnings, Liberia has some new beginnings as well.

    The children at the mission schools are now starting a new semester. It feels like yesterday that my family and I were there to stay for a month and see first-hand this new term begin, though it was a full year ago now! I can close my eyes and imagine the singing in the DHCV dorms, all the kids gathering water from the well in the mornings and doing their chores, then changing into their well-used purple uniforms and walking up to the school building. It is always challenging to begin anew, as the kids have to settle back into a routine. Pray for them to have teachable hearts that are yielded to their teachers and caretakers. Pray for the dorm mothers to have strength to guide and oversee, and pray for the rest of the staff as they discern how to best care for and educate so many children... that God would supply all of their needs and continue to show them His love and faithfulness.

    The inauguration of President Sirleaf for her second term is also a new beginning for Liberia in many ways. We are so grateful that God has protected the Liberian people from what could easily have turned into more violence and civil unrest. Winston Tubman and George Weah, from the CDC opposition, agreed over the weekend of the inauguration to recognize President Sirleaf's leadership and work together for Liberia's future instead of fighting it further. Hilary Clinton was able to attend the inauguration and show support from our country. Please be in prayer with us that God would draw Liberians to Himself as their country continues to rebuild.
    The ACFI annual conference is scheduled for a week in February to be held in the interior. They expect that at least 1500 people will be in attendance. Pray for the planning stages. So much work is involved in preparation for the conference, and so much faith is set in the Lord to provide all that is needed. They rely on villagers to provide places for the attendees to stay. This provides open doors to preach the gospel, as many of the villagers will then attend the conference who are not already believers. Please pray for ACFI elders who are now traveling to make the necessary preparations for the conference.

    Please pray for those who have or will be traveling to Liberia to serve alongside ACFI this year. David Johnson from is in Liberia from January 18-25 to take photos and video of ACFI's ministries. A couple of missionaries will be traveling in the beginning of February to serve at Daniel Hoover Children's Village for a couple of months. In addition, a handful of men from the US and Canada will attend the ACFI conference to preach in February. If you are interested in learning more about joining a missions team who will be traveling to Liberia May 24 - June 2 to serve the children, please contact Christian Adoption Services, or you can contact us through this sponsorship site at info at africanchildsponsorship dot com. We will have our first informational meeting by phone on January 26th.
    Some of you may remember that in June of 2010, the missions team to Liberia helped to plant Moringa trees, and to train the staff and children at the Oscar and Viola Stewart School for the Deaf to care for them. The hope was that these fast-growing tropical trees would be a great source of nutritious food for the deaf students' diets, and an easy crop to care for. Well, when I saw the few trees that remained alive last January, it was obvious they were not thriving! From what we gathered before and since that time, there were some insect and other issues, and the trees just did not survive. I'm happy to write that we have a more positive report now! A connection was made with a man from Raleigh, NC who has been involved in Liberia for many years and who partners with a man who travels and trains Liberians in agriculture. We were able to purchase some drip irrigation kits from them to help with the Moringa tree issues, as well as with the other vegetables that have been planted at the school.

    The trainer, Zay-Zay, sent an update from his recent visit at the Deaf School, in which he stated, "The students learned how to install the drip irrigation... and have also begun brushing the swamp dry areas for our next planting. These deaf students are easy to work with through their interpreter using sign language. The AG assistant makes sure that watering is carried out daily, and weeding is done properly. And the collard, hot pepper and bitter ball is being harvested for a vegetable dish for the children every three days." I cannot convey to you how important it is for this school, in particular, to have this food source! Praise God that this initiative is literally seeing fruit!

    Corrie Luebke
    Sponsorship Coordinator

    [Posted: 01/24/2012]

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