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    February Newsletter


    A child receiving her sponsorship package.

    Perhaps one of my families' favorite parts of being involved with Liberia is when we actually get to communicate with our friends on staff and the kids of ACFI. Obviously, being there is the best way to do that. Though I won't be able to go myself this year, I am excited to be able to write letters, send pictures, and send packages to our sponsored kids via my husband who will join the mission team that will travel this spring, and I'm happy and excited that we can extend that joy to you as well! Details on how you can send things along with the team to your sponsored child will be coming in next month's newsletter.

    The Liberia mission trip will be from May 24th through June 9th, with the option to stay either one or two weeks. The team will be traveling to be of service to the many ministries of ACFI. The main focus will be to serve the children and caretakers at  Daniel Hoover Children's Village and the Oscar and Viola Stewart School for the Deaf. The team will also host a Leadership Conference for ACFI to focus on training in the areas of teaching, small business ownership, leadership and computers. Spots on the team are almost full, but information can be obtained about joining the team by contacting us through the sponsorship program. Donations can be made under the "donations" tab on the sponsorship site for the trip, if the Lord leads you to be a part of the trip in this way. The donations will be used to fund the special projects that the team will work on like bed repairs, purchasing new bednets and mattresses, facilities maintenance, and septic tank emptying.  If you would like to send supplies for the trip, you can sign up at this link that contains details about what will be needed. 

    ACFI's annual conference was last week - February 19-26. About 1,500 people from ACFI churches gathered in Greenville in Sinoe County to continue to grow in unity with Christ and each other. It was also an outreach opportunity as the church members were housed with locals who joined them for the conference.

    Kendall Ashe and Kryssi Dobyn arrived in Liberia February 7th for a two month mission stint at Daniel Hoover Children's Village. They attended the ACFI conference last week, and now their focus will be to serve the students and caretakers at Daniel Hoover Village. They will also spend some time at the Oscar and Viola Stewart School for the Deaf. One of their goals is to begin to gather updated information on all the kids at the mission homes so that the team to travel in May can finish that huge task during their time. We will then be able to get you, as sponsors, the most updated and accurate information about the children you sponsor, as well as new photos, so you best know how they are doing and how you can be praying for them most effectively.

    Thank you... each of you... for being a part, in whatever way God has led you, of caring for people around the world. It can be easy to feel that it is fruitless to send our resources, (whether it be time investments, finances, etc.) to a distant place simply because we don't always get a chance to see the beautiful things God does with them. Be encouraged that when God creates a heart in you to support, serve and love others, it is never fruitless. Never. He uses you to create change for them, but he also uses them to create change in you. 

    James 2:22 says that when faith and action work together, faith is made complete. As we get involved, as we pray and give, God works to complete our faith! Thank you for allowing completion by our awesome God as you love on others!

    Corrie Luebke
    Sponsorship Coordinator

    [Posted: 02/22/2012]

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