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    March 2012 Newsletter


    The Trade School at the Deaf Mission

     There are so many wonderful-praise-God updates to give you this month!

    Fundraising for the vocational trade school at the Oscar and Viola Stewart School for the Deaf is going strong. A ministry dedicated to caring for deaf orphans named Signs for Hope has been working on these efforts. In the past two months $8766 has been raised to continue the building. A very fun and creative event  called a golf ball drop took place recently. Hundreds of golf balls were purchased for $10 a piece and then dropped out of a helicopter onto a golf green where the closest 3 to the hole won a cash prize. Two of the prizes went to our very own sponsor, Frances Underwood, who donated all of her winnings back to the construction of the school at the Deaf Mission.

    A Student at Daniel Hoover

    Planning for the May missions trip is well underway! If you are interested in helping in some way, check out the following opportunities.You can:

    * send envelopes to your sponsored child(ren) ~ To do this, please fill a 9 x12" manila envelope with letters, pictures, clothing, flip-flops, small toys, unperishable foods/candies, hair beads, etc. (please, no money, violent toys, or items that will melt) ... and send it to Corrie Luebke ~ 16136 Xingu St. NE ~ Forest Lake, MN 55025 by May 17th. Packages need to be clearly marked with your sponsored child's name, the mission home name (DHCV or Deaf Home), and your name as well. These packages will be hand-delivered to the children by our team, and the kids will be thrilled to hear from you!

    *sign up to donate supplies (go to ), and/or

    *make donations on the sponsorship site (  ) 

    The children at Daniel Hoover 

    Kendall Ashe and Kryssi Dobyn have been serving as missionaries with ACFI in Liberia since early February. From their update below, you can get a taste of what they are doing at the Daniel Hoover Children's Village as well as a glimpse of what the larger ministry of ACFI does to spread God's Word to the people of Liberia.

    "The first few weeks we were here we worked at the Daniel Hoover orphanage filling out intake forms for the children and taking an updated photo to compliment. We have also become teachers at the school, substituting in just about every grade while focusing the majority of our energy on the high school level biology, chemistry, and math classes.

    We were asked to go the ACFI (African Christians Fellowship International) Annual Conference for 2012 in Greenville, Liberia as "honored guests" and missionaries to Liberia. ACFI is a Christian organization started by the Liberian people in 1986 to serve the Lord and spread the gospel to remote villages in Africa. Today this organization as grown to having 200 churches around West Africa, and about 900 delegates from these various churches came to the conference.

    Despite the fact that Greenville was only 150 miles southeast of Monrovia, it took approximately 17 hours to travel down there and 14 hours to return. However, we were blessed to travel there by car, some people at the conference had spent 8 days walking just to get there because of the lack of roads/ general infrastructure in Liberia.

    The children at the orphanage have been amazing. The little kids, 3-5 always want to hold our hands and walk with us wherever we go. We go to bible studies with some of the older children and talk with them and teach them. One of the most interesting things is what all the different children think about us, America, the world, China, and all kinds of topics. So many of the children want to learn and have such big dreams it is very encouraging. On a Friday night some of the older boys want me to help them study math and talk with them about animals, the girls ask Kryssi for help with science and different from American teenagers.

    We had heard from some ACFI people that a team was going to the interior of the country to do some evangelism work and hopefully plant a church. They were going to Lofa county which was on the boarder of Sierra Leone and Guinea. It was going to be remote and "in the bush", a place that has been the disease center of Liberia and the witchcraft area of West Africa. Kryssi and I talked that afternoon and both had had the feeling that we should go if we could. [We were] asked if we would be willing to eat real African food and maybe a beetle or two. We said yes...(we still were not sure if [it was a joke] or if we were going to have to eat beetles).

    The distance was even further away than Greenville, I think about 200 miles. The roads were worse. We were about 45 mins southwest of the capital of Lofa county, Vonjama. The people were very welcoming, we were very fortunate to have Wayne (a Canadian pastor who has been working in Liberia for 21 years) with us because he had gone into the "bush" (deep places inside the country of Liberia) many, many times and he knew the best way for white people to make good first impressions with Liberians who live in villages. The village had about 1,000 people in it. A few people were Christians or had heard of Christianity before and they had been praying for a church to come to their village.

    Each night we showed a small movie on a projector that Wayne has that he uses to spread the gospel with to people, and it seemed like the whole town was there watching the movie. There was a huge response every night, there was something about the visual message that could do more then just preaching or talking with them. And on the last night when we showed the Jesus movie in their local language Loma everyone was so excited.

    Every morning and evening we would have a service while we were there but the biggest service we had was on Sunday morning. There were over 600 people there! In the afternoon on Sunday we had a baptism service for everyone who had become a believer over the past couple days and there was 113 people baptized!!! So a church was planted, Bazagiza Community Church, and ACFI is going to be sending small teams up there monthly. ACFI has also found a church in Vonjama to partner with them in planting this church so they can monitor them and help them grow. We loved seeing what God was doing in Bazagiza."

    Isn't it exciting to see what is happening across the world to the renown of the name of Jesus Christ?

    "Your name and renown are the desire of our hearts." Isaiah 26:8

    Corrie Luebke
    Sponsorship Coordinator

    [Posted: 03/20/2012]

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