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    June 2012 Newsletter

    Operation Empower 2012

    Girls at Daniel Hoover in new dresses the mission team brought. Each child received an outfit, underwear, flip flops, toiletries, food and a toy.

    This year's Liberia trip was a tremendous success. God orchestrated 14 people from all over the US to spend from 1-2 weeks in Liberia. The team thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the adults and children in Liberia to accomplish a meaningful amount of work, including sponsorship updates, evaluations, teacher training, maintenance work, leadership training, computer training, agriculture work, vacation bible school time, and bonding with all of the Liberians around us.

    Moringa trees and vegetables were planted at the Oscar and Viola Stewart School for the Deaf and at Daniel Hoover Village.

    It was really encouraging to see many things get fixed that needed attention. There was also great interest in the training sessions; the agricultural initiative took a gigantic step forward from last year; and it encouraged the team to see many healthy returning children and to deepen our knowledge of how things work in Liberia. The icing on the cake for many of the team members seemed to be the wonderful relationships with our Liberian brothers and sisters that are started or furthered, and of course the time with the children who beg for our attention and steal our hearts. It was in the name of Jesus Christ that all of those things were possible and accomplished. May God bless and provide for them daily and encourage us to listen to His still small voice.

    The 2012 mission team!

    Here is an awesome trip web page that has a wonderful video, great trip photos, information on sponsoring children, some video clips from children who need to be sponsored, and some video clips of microloan participants.  Please take the opportunity to share this link with family, friends, and your churches so that we can work towards the goal of finding sponsors for every child!  

    If it hasn't arrived already, those of you sponsoring a child will soon receive an update letter and photo of your child along with a letter from one of our sponsorship coordinators. The children were so excited to receive their packages, and they enjoyed writing their letters to tell you more about their lives. Thank you once again, for your commitment to caring for the children of Liberia. When we left, we each received a pile of notes from the kids asking us to please continue to help find sponsors for the children who still need them. More than anything, each child desperately wants to know that there is a family or individual out there who cares for them and is praying for them. Your sponsorship means more than you'll ever know!

    [Posted: 06/26/2012]

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