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    February 2013 Newsletter

    Heart Adoption from a Sponsor

    Emmanuel's sponsor family.

    In November of 2010, our family was led to sponsor a child in Liberia, Africa. Please take a few moments to read how God is using this experience in our lives and in the life of Emmanuel Wiah for Gods Glory.

     One day I was talking with my dear friend, Becky Lloyd. Previously, Becky shared with me how God led her to begin Signs for Hope ministry. I knew God had specifically called Becky to coordinate the adoption of deaf children around the world!  One part of Signs for Hope ministry is the sponsorship of deaf children in Liberia. Signs for Hope partners with CAS (Christian Adoption Services) and ACFI to facilitate these child sponsorships. Becky then shared with me the desperate need for sponsors Heart-Adoptions of at least 40 deaf children at the Oscar & Viola Stewart School for the Deaf. It was in that very orphanage where Beckys ministry began to unfold. I knew then God was leading me to sponsor a child!  I went to the website and started viewing photos of waiting children.  I saw many smiling faces holding up signs with their names and ages. The children looked so thin and were dressed in worn clothes. My heart began to break specifically for the deaf orphans and I cried and cried.

    After years of civil wars in Liberia, their parents may have been killed or simply unable to care for the children. Sadly, I have learned that being deaf in many foreign countries is a curse. If these deaf children have any family left, they do not want to care for them or they are not able to. I shared this with my husband and he was heartbroken. He agreed something must be done to help these children. At the time our son was 6 years old. I thought it would be appropriate to look for a young boy around his age to sponsor and correspond with.  I glanced through the photos and found Emmanuel Wiah, age 9. God stopped me there and our family sponsored Emmanuel on November 5th, 2010.

    Emmanuel is deaf and lives at the Deaf Mission. Over the past two years we have received numerous letters and photos from Emmanuel.  We have also been able to send 2-3 packages each year with treats, toys, pictures and letters. We have been touched by all of the letters from Emmanuel. There is so much more to this sponsorship than just contributing $40 a month. We have a one on one relationship with Emmanuel.  We have grown to know and love each other through many letters. The school is now equipped with a computer and the letters come and go quickly! Praise God for this ability to communicate!

    It is a blessing to correspond with Emmanuel and to know him personally. He must be thrilled to receive letters and pictures from our son, Tanner. We pray for each other specifically. In his last letter to Tanner, Emmanuel asked him to, Please pray for his country, Liberia. He told Tanner, I will pray for you everyday. Emmanuel loves to play soccer, basketball and volleyball.  His favorite foods are rice, bread and mayo. He says he is doing his best to study his lessons. He loves receiving the packages and always writes back after opening them.  Emmanuels favorite bible verses are John 3:16 and John 11:35 Jesus wept. This is such an important and tender verse. Emmanuel thought deeply of this verse and he knows Jesus as Savior and Lord! When I read that Jesus wept was a favorite of his, I wept. God was using Emmanuel to bring me closer to Him!

     There is hope!  The $40 per month sponsorship helps provide food, medical care, education, and vocational trade skill training for all the children at the Deaf Mission. The Heart-Adoption of Emmanuel and connection with this ministry in Liberia continues to amaze our family. God has given us, along with others, opportunities to send clothing and shoes to the children. We see God at work through this ministry and will continue to be a part of it. Our son, Tanner, wanted to make sure I shared his thoughts. He said, Please, please help take care of these poor children. God wants us to care for His children, the orphans in Liberia. Trust me, you will be blessed and amazed how God can use you by sponsoring a child through Heart-Adoption! The children are waiting and God already has one for you as He did for our family.

    If you already are a sponsor please share this with a friend!

    Sharing for Him,

    Kelda B.

    Asheville, NC

    [Posted: 02/01/2013]

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