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    October 2013 Newsletter

    A Few Fun Things...

    The school building at Daniel Hoover Children's Village.

    This month, we just wanted to bring a few fun things to your attention.

    First, through obedience and for His glory, God has led individuals to donate to Project Hope over the last several months. A total of $21,562 has been committed so far! We are thrilled to know that some very important projects for the children can now be tackled, and that the staff at the mission homes can be supported, because of the giving hearts of many of you. Please know that you are greatly appreciated. Donations will continue to be accepted through November via the website.

    As was mentioned in a recent newsletter, the next missions trip to Liberia will be this coming spring; May 23-31. The team will serve alongside African Christians Fellowship International to care for orphaned and indigent children at the two mission boarding schools. The focus areas for the trip will be determined by the skills of the team members, but they will most likely include collecting sponsorship updates, providing ACFI staff training, evaluating the needs at both mission schools, maintenance work, and oversight of an agricultural program and a micro loan program. The total cost for the trip will be approx $3600. If you have prayed about this opportunity and desire to join the team or if you would like to receive more information , please reply to this e-mail and indicate your interest.

     In closing, I'd like to leave you with a few thoughts from the children of Liberia themselves. Several letters were sent via e-mail this past week from sponsored children to let you know just how much you mean to the kids. Enjoy!

    Brenice says, "I'm so grateful to God for this chance of having a sponsor. Please tell my sponsor hi from me, and that I love and miss them."

    Margaret, a student receiving one of the new college sponsorships, writes, "I am just writing to inform you that I started school one week ago. I'm attending the St. Clement University College. I am so happy for your prayer and good thought. Please tell my sponsors hi from me, tell them I love them all. Thank you for this opportunity given to me & I will try my best to do everything possible."

    Joan says, "We thank God for such friend like you. My parents join me to say big thank you for your gift. I love you."

    As always, my heart is grateful for your love and care for God's kids. Thank you!

    With JOY,
    Corrie Luebke
    Sponsorship Coordinator

    [Posted: 10/28/2013]

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