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    October 2014 Newsletter


    October 2014 Newsletter

    We continue to pray, watch, and wait along with all of you, as Liberia tries to weather this Ebola crisis. The status of the kids remains largely the same as was reported in last month’s newsletter, but there are a few updates as to food supplies, the toll ebola is taking socially, and how it is personally affecting staff at the mission homes.

    The container of food and medical/sanitation supplies that was shipped a couple of weeks ago is scheduled to arrive the first week of November. It should have provisions enough to sustain the kids and adult staff members through most of December. Fundraising is starting now for another container that will hopefully be able to ship in early December and arrive by the time the supplies from the first container have been used. Many people have been wondering how they can best help with the situation in Liberia. Funds for this second container will be vital to the children and staff who are at the mission homes. Food is scarce and extremely expensive, making it difficult for most people to obtain without aid. There will be a continuing need for outside help to provide the most basic needs in the forseeable future. Donations for the container can be given on this site through this link or through ACFI's new website.

    For many of us who have spent time in Liberia, one of the most devastating things about the ebola outbreak is that it came at a time when Liberia was finally rising out of the ashes of her past. There was forward progress in so many ways… Liberia went from needing emergency aid to needing assistance, and finally to being at the point where self-sustainability was on the horizon in a realistic way. Now, to many people there it feels like they are fighting yet another war, only this one has a silent and invisible enemy. It is completely counter-cultural not to be able to touch people, so there is a level of loneliness and disconnect from one another that people have never experienced before. Here is a great, recent article by a CBS reporter that explains this reality so well.

    Despite the many horrors of ebola, God is still drawing people to Himself. ACFI pastors are reporting that many more people are attending church now than before the outbreak of the disease. Please pray with us that God will use the situation to strengthen His church, to show Himself faithful and strong, and to open the eyes of many, many Liberians to see Him and trust Him with their lives… that Christ would be glorified and lifted high.

    Elisha - Deaf Home

    ACFI has continued to work on building a much needed security fence around The Oscar and Viola Stewart School for the Deaf. The fence is about 60% complete at this time. Thanks to donors who have helped with funds for the ebola outbreak, ACFI was able to use the funds that had been earmarked for the fence construction to continue building it. This is a huge answer to prayer. Certainly, the fence is secondary to being able to provide food, but we are so grateful that it is being built, as security is an even larger concern now than ever before.

    The following letter is from Elisha, one of the teachers at the Deaf Mission, and will hopefully give you insight from someone in the midst of it all.

    “Since the arrival of the American Troop, things are improving gradually especially with those who were confirmed ebola positive, several of them have been treated, discharged and declared ebola free. The streets are normal, despite the prevailing situation, people are still making their ways through to make ends meet; bearing in mind and exercising all preventive measures against ebola. 

    Our children at the ACFI missions are doing well for one fact that ACFI is exerting every effort to have them fed, treated medically and given other essential cares. We're even teaching them secretly because government forbids the opening of schools now.”

    One small example of this teaching is a photo here. Our sponsorship director, Queen Sieh, has been teaching some of the students how to bake bread. The agricultural expert who helps with the gardens at both mission homes is also going to the homes to continue to work with the students and staff to tend the gardens. We are so thankful for faithful workers like these!

    “The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, O Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.” Psalm 9:10

    With JOY in the faithfulness of our God,
    Corrie Luebke
    Sponsorship Coordinator

    [Posted: 10/29/2014]

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