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    May/June 2016 Newsletter


    Ed & Cece Kofi
    Spring has sprung here in Minnesota, and I am always in awe of the beauty of lush green grass and vibrant blossoms after a long winter! Every year, it makes me grateful that God makes all things new. In seasons of work and of rest, seasons of grief and in joy… may we be found faithful to praise the name of Jesus Christ, no matter the circumstance or season.

    “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens… He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”   Ecc. 3:1 & 11

    Just as our school year is wrapping up here in the US, the mission schools in Liberia are also coming to a close for the academic year. The students will go on a break and join their families or caretakers for that time period. Before the end of classes, the ninth graders took their national exams, and the twelfth graders will take their exam in July to officially finish the year out.

    During the school break, the ACFI staff try to tackle the many repairs that are needed. The dormitories and other facility buildings at both Daniel Hoover Childrens’ Village and the Oscar and Viola School for the Deaf are well-used and are in need of continual upkeep to maintain them. Some common things that need addressing are repairs of doors, windows and bunkbeds, replacing worn out mattresses as well as broken school chairs and desks, among many other things. Please pray for the Lord to provide the funds for these tasks. 

    After the death of Zayzay, the Liberian man who headed up the agricultural work at the mission schools in order to use the land available and excellent soil to grow food for the children, a replacement was recently recruited. Morris Dapay was that replacement and sadly, he passed away about a week ago from unknown causes and will be buried in the next few days. Please pray for his family as they grieve his loss; he was a good and hardworking man according to those who knew him. The ACFI staff will be finding another replacement to do the agricultural work as soon as they are able.

    As we sent out in an extra e-mail, many of you may remember that the leader of ACFI, Ed Kofi, and his wife Cece, recently suffered the death of their son, Napoleon. Please continue to lift them up in prayer as they move forward in the work God has given them to do, even as they are grieving. They will travel to Liberia from the states on June 7th to fulfill their mid-year apostolic and missionary outreach. Pray for strength and health as they work for two months there before returning to the states in mid-August.

    As always, we remain deeply grateful for your involvement in supporting children in Liberia, whether by specific donation or through sponsorship. It matters. I know most of us may never see the fruits of our giving with our own eyes, but the Lord sees, and as Ecclesiates says, “He makes all things beautiful in His time.” There will be a harvest as we remain faithful, and all the glory will be the Lord's!

    With JOY,
    Corrie Luebke

    [Posted: 06/02/2016]

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