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    July/August 2016

    Sponsorship Newsletter

    July/August Newsletter

    Just a short update for you because there is not much news during the summer months as the children of the mission homes are on summer break and staying with family or friends.

    A mission team from a church in Tacoma, WA that partners with ACFI recently returned from Liberia with great first-hand updates on the state of the ministries. A Tacoma team member wrote that they enjoyed a short visit to the Daniel Hoover Village and the Deaf School. The most recent count of enrolled students this past year was 246 at Daniel Hoover and 63 at the Deaf Mission. Though they did not see all of the children, as most had already left for the school break, they visited with those who remained and left some gift packages with staff members from members of their church for sponsored children. Those will be given out once the children return. 

    At the Deaf school they arrived to witness a dedication of a new computer room, sponsored by Lonestar Celluar, a local Liberian telephone company. The goal is to help the deaf children to learn computer technology so that they may be enabled to participate in life in new & successful ways. Though the company donated some computers (which is a wonderful blessing!) there was a notable lack of keyboards or power sources of any kind.  ;) As is the way of things, progress is slow in terms of functionality!
    The team also observed that there are a lot of building & maintenance projects that need to be done. The children's bunk beds need serious repair, several buildings need new roofs, the kids need new mosquito nets, and this all needs to happen before the rainy season begins and halts all work. As we mentioned in the last newsletter, these maintenance needs and the need for school supplies for the kids are our  fundraising focus areas for now (up and above the regular sponsorship needs of the children).  If you would like to donate toward this specific purpose, you can go to and under the “donate” tab, there will be a special donations button, clearly marked for repairs like these as well as supplies for the new school year.

    Thank you for your involvement in the sponsorship program or through your donations toward different needs at the mission homes! 

    With JOY,

    Corrie Luebke  

    [Posted: 07/20/2016]

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