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    Sept./Oct. Newsletter

    Thank You!

    “You will be enriched in every way to be generous in every way, which through us will produce thanksgiving to God.” 2 Cor. 9:11

    I love that generosity leads to giving thanks to our Father… and that we are given what we have (from the Lord!), that we might be generous to others! God is the provider of the ability to give generously, and he is also the recipient of the gratefulness that is generated from doing so! What a good and faithful Father we serve, worthy of our honor and trust.

    Thank you to those who donated funds towards the maintenance and building projects that were sorely needed at the Daniel Hoover Mission School and the Oscar and Viola School for the Deaf. We are grateful to be able to report that many important tasks have been accomplished through God’s provision and through your generosity! The following projects were addressed either in part or were fully completed:
    • Various renovations that the buildings needed were tackled
    • The dormitories and other buildings were given a fresh coat of paint
    • Bunk beds in disrepair were either fixed or replaced
    • Security razor wire was replaced where it had been broken and was useless around the perimeter of the school grounds
    • Chairs were purchased to add to the classrooms for the students.

    Both mission schools will commence classes in a matter of days. Principles for each school are settled into their provided living spaces on the school grounds, and are ready to begin their jobs of guiding the students and directing the affairs of the school. It is a huge job to undertake… so many students and so much to accomplish. Please pray that they, along with all the other teachers, dorm matrons, and staff, would be empowered with the strength and wisdom that is needed to faithfully carry out all that the Lord has asked of them, with consistency and with deep loving care for the children.

    Because it is the rainy season in Liberia, all farming opportunities have slowed down or halted for the time being. The heavy downpours that occur on a regular basis make it too difficult! The agricultural initiatives that ACFI has in place to help be a food source for the children will resume in the next farming season when the rain lessens.

    Cece Kofi recently had knee surgery here in the states. Thank you to those who knew of this prayer request and have lifted her needs to the Lord! She is recovering well and doing physical therapy to continue to heal and restore her mobility.

    With JOY,
    Corrie Luebke

    [Posted: 10/06/2016]

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