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    Aug/Sept. 2017 Newsletter

    Prayer Requests and Updates

     Some of you may have heard in the news about the terrible mudslides in Sierra Leone. So far, close to 500 people have been confirmed dead, though that number is expected to rise. More bodies were found just today (Saturday, August 19th) as I write this newsletter, bringing the toll to 499 according to the most recent information I can find. Please pray for the people of this close northern neighbor to Liberia. Ed Kofi, head of the ACFI ministries wrote the following in a prayer letter he sent out just yesterday:

    “Reports coming from the ACFI Gospel Ministry in Freetown, Sierra Leone indicate that several members of the ACFI church in Freetown have been affected by the mudslide tragedy. Some members are missing, others have lost family members, homes and properties. Bro. Joshua Kobba, the lead evangelist and his family are safe but appealing for prayers and relief assistance for those affected. There is an urgent need for emergency relief (funds) for the brethren in tragedy. Please pray also for the ministry.”

    Here is a link to a news article and video, if you would like to gather more details.

    The rainy season may not be causing deadly mudslides in Liberia, but it certainly is wreaking havoc on transportation. With almost all the roads being dirt, many are washed out or too soft to support vehicles (as you can see in the image above), making them inaccessible. This is making gospel outreach for ACFI very difficult, and attempting to drive on these rural roads has badly damaged one of the main vehicles used in the jungle areas. Please pray they will be able to retrieve their main vehicle from the area, and have the means to get it repaired and back in use.

    While the 2016-17 school year has ended for our mission schools, summer school is currently in session to provide a way for students to make up for lack of prior educational opportunities. Many older children, both orphaned and indigent, are in the lower grades in school since they did not have the privilege of attending school right away when they were younger. There are quite a few children now attending the summer session to make use of the chance to catch up a bit.

    The mission schools were recently proud to graduate 27 of their high school students on July 22nd. We congratulate them all! Five of that number have been there since early childhood, and were supported through this sponsorship program. (I personally have fond memories of two of these students, who my family loved spending time with when we stayed in Liberia over 6 years ago! I am amazed that the time has passed so quickly, and that they are now finished with high school!) They might never have had the opportunity of a steady life, the influence of God’s word, and a chance to be educated if it weren’t for you, our sponsors! We are so very grateful! All five have a desire to go on to college in Liberia. They have all signed up to be volunteer staff at the mission homes to help provide care for the rest of the younger children, which allows them to be eligible to receive financial help for college costs if sponsors are found for them. (Typical yearly tuition is around $1200 USD.) If you are interested in helping in this way, please contact Tori Shelton ( to receive more details. Emergency relief and college fund donations can be made here.

    Thank you for all you do to support, both financially and through prayer the children of Liberia, and the people whom ACFI ministers to in West Africa!  

     With JOY, 

     Corrie Luebke

    [Posted: 08/20/2017]

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