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    Sending a Care Package


    Hello friends and sponsors!

    Some of our sponsors have been asking when they can send a care package to Liberia. Fortunately, a shipping container will be taking supplies in October, and we can add a box of packages! Please use a 9x12 manila envelope with the child's name and home written on the outside (Daniel Hoover Childrens Village or the Deaf Home). Great items to send include letters, family photos, candy that won't melt, solar watches, bibles, hygiene items, and craft supplies.
    Please do not include anything that will melt or leak, or any violent/war toys.

    Packages must be received by Patience Kofi no later than Thursday, October 5.

    Please mail to:

    2580 Lewis Dr.
    Lancaster, SC 29720

    The kids LOVE receiving these gifts! Thank you so much for your support.

    In Christ, 

    Tori Shelton

    [Posted: 09/19/2017]

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