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    Jan/Feb 2018 Newsletter

    Jesus- our Sustainer!

    "Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken." Psalm 55:22

    Hello! It's been quite a while since we've received information to pass onto you, so I'm thankful to be able to send you some pictures we've recently received of kids and staff at the ACFI mission homes in Liberia. 

    First, may I just say that I have been humbled and grateful recently as I have seen the Lord meet me right where I'm at? He is my sustainer, and he gives me what I need for each day, just as he provided manna in the wilderness for his people. Not any less than is needed, and not any more… just what is required to walk with him in obedience… simply enough to sustain me and to encourage me to walk by faith in Him, rather than by sight. Maybe you can relate. Sometimes it feels as if we cannot possibly make it through a situation or a challenge, but then we reach the end of our day and we see that Jesus brought us to that moment. He provided a way. I remember that in Liberia, the staff could often be heard saying, "He has done it again!" as they raised their hands to praise the Lord. They humbly recognized that Christ sustained them each and every day; He provided for them, and He allowed them to wake up to a new tomorrow. This simple thankfulness for His daily provision is something I can sometimes neglect. I pray the Lord continues to teach us all to praise Him as our Sustainer!

    Each year, designated donations are used to put on a wonderful Christmas party for the children of both the Oscar & Viola School for the Deaf and the Daniel Hoover Children's Village. It is a really exciting blessing to have special food and activities! This past December, the kids celebrated the birth of Jesus with a meal that included chicken, jollaf rice, and sweet bread. I can imagine the loud voices of the children as they sang, and the joy of having a special event planned for them. Staff members received a gift of a Christmas bonus as well. Thank you to those of you who made all of that possible!

    School has started once again following a Christmas break. With donations that come in this February, the staff will be purchasing much-needed school supplies as well as uniforms for new resident students.

    There are currently four sponsored young ladies who have graduated high-school from the mission school that are enrolled in college. What an amazing opportunity! Their chosen majors are Accounting, English, Theology, and Public Administration. Another student will begin his college courses for Computer Science soon. Queen Edwina Sieh, daughter of the DHCV school director, has been working diligently on her education for years, and is continuing her education in Medical School at this time.

    Students enjoying their Christmas party

    The special Christmas party meal

    A staff member receives their Christmas bonus

    There are a few specific prayer requests at this time. For those of you who have traveled to Liberia, you most likely remember Oretha Joe, the director of the ACFI guest house. What an amazing and organized host to so many people throughout the years! She was brought to the United States for back surgery. Please pray for her as she heals and recovers, and then travels back to Liberia. Also pray for Jack, the husband of Patience Kofi (Ed Kofi's son-in-law) who just had a kidney transplant, and faces recovery.

    As always, please pray for the people of Liberia… that the Lord would continue to do a great work and draw them to Himself. Pray for stability and integrity within their country, opportunities for employment, education, and health. And for the children that you sponsor and support… children with huge smiles and great joy, despite their circumstances, pray for a relationship with Jesus that truly is everything to them. Pray they know he is Savior,  Provider, Comforter, and Sustainer!

    With JOY,
    Corrie Luebke

    [Posted: 01/25/2018]

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