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    About The Children

    The children at Daniel Hoover Village Mission School and the Mission for Deaf Children are generally between 4 and 16 years of age and have been admitted by their birth parents or relatives. Some children have been in the care of ACFI for several years.  

    The children eagerly attend school at the missions, though books and school supplies are very limited and the educational level of many teachers is below what is common in the U.S. Children are taught Christian values through daily devotions and bible classes.

    The children have few clothes or personal items, but they enjoy making do with what is on hand. They can often be found playing games with plastic water bottles or their flip flops.

    Basic medical care is available with a nurse on site and a clinic nearby. Their access to electricity is limited, but from time to time, when there are funds for gas in the generator, they are able to watch some TV. In the past year, thanks to generous donors, they have been given access to running water. Their daily diet generally consists of fried bread and a bowl of rice with soup.  

    Liberian children are joyful and full of hope.  The boys are generally found playing soccer, while the girls love to braid each others hair and play a Liberian game called lappa.   

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