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  • $40 per month will provide food and care for one orphan.


    December Newsletter

    Current Situation at the Orphanages

    During the summer of 2008, 92 additional orphans and indigent were admitted to the Daniel Hoover Children's Village at Dixville, outside the capital city of Monrovia, Liberia. Many more families wait for openings to become available at the mission.

    Due to the current global financial crisis, food and supplies have risen in cost dramatically in Liberia over the past several months. Coupled with a decrease in donations from the West, the task of providing for the children has become a great struggle. Currently, teachers are months behind in their pay and teachers at the home for deaf children have stopped teaching. In addition, caretakers have had to ration food at the orphanages.

    However, our God is mighty to save, and the caretakers and children are putting their hope in Christ to take care of their needs. Christian Adoption Services and African Christians Fellowship International are working together in several areas to try to improve the current challenges.

    One of these areas is the adoption program. Though there was a moratorium on adoptions in Liberia for about seven months in 2008, they are once again being processed. This provides individual children the hope of having a forever family who will love them and raise them up understanding the truth of the gospel. In addition, some of the funds from each adoption go to providing orphanage support for the remaining children.

    In addition, this new sponsorship program has the potential to provide for the majority of the day to day needs of feeding, educating and providing medical care to the children. Thank you for your commitment to the most vulnerable children of Liberia. You have the potential to change many lives.

    Finally, a mission team is planning to serve at the orphanages in March 2009. Their primary objectives will be to shore up security around a warehouse that stores food and supplies for the children, provide medical checkups, train teachers, set up and provide leadership and technology training for key staff members, and interact with the children. If you would like to contribute supplies for the trip, please contact us through this site. The team will need over the counter medicines, children's clothing size 4T to adult, hygiene products, and school supplies.

    [Posted: 12/11/2008]

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